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Growing creativity in Sleaford. Zygote Festival takes place 7-9pm, Sunday 20th October 2013. Take part - create/make/steward. Zygote is an artsNK Festival for Sleaford and Lincolnshire.


Here is a video of the sculpture moving in the wind.

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The sculpture explained



Zygote Seed Sculpture by Anna Pope Design-Photograph taken by Anna Pope 2013

The top half of the sculpture contains four different seeds cast in brass which are related to Sleaford’s seed industry. These are Spring wheat, Barley, Forage peas and Sugar beet. Details regarding each of these have been added to this blog. Each seed is held by a delicate hand crafted brass structure attached to a flexible stem which allows for movement, similar to a field of barley blowing in the wind. The stems pass through a triangular base, a shape inspired by a windmill’s hopper. This has been made to represent the industrialization of agriculture. The base has been left open to reveal the stems fixed to a floating platform inside, which serves to accentuate the movement of the seeds above.


Close up of Zygote Seed Sculpture-Photograph taken by Anna Pope 2013


Sugar beet-Photograph taken by Anna Pope 2013image

Barley-Photograph taken by Anna Pope 2013


Spring wheat-Photograph taken by Anna Pope 2013image

Forage peas-Photograph taken by Anna Pope 2013

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A big thank you to everyone who attended Zygote! It was an excellent night and despite the weather threatening to dampen things, it couldn’t stop the amazing aerial performance, fire garden and other areas of Zygote. To see more pictures from the festival, visit our Facebook page! The link can be found in the links tab above.

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#Photo credit: Jane Harrison 

With Zygote being one of our biggest festivals yet, we have a wide number of artists creating pieces for different areas of the festival which you might not know about!

Adrian Hiatt is a 3d Designer and Illustrator, who works in the construction design industry and exhibited widely.

Amy O’ Sullivan is a dance artist and choreographer and shall be working with us on the Silent Dance taking place in St Denys Church.

Andy Penny has been holding Animation workshops for Zygote, creating pieces with the local community reflecting the theme of seeds. You will be able to see the animations whilst walking around the festival site.

Anna Pope is a jewellery designer/maker with an interest in threatened traditional crafts and techniques using these to create individual hand-made pieces. Anna is creating a special Kinetic sculpture for the festival, you can find out more about the sculpture and it’s process by visiting http://annapopedesignzygote.tumblr.com/

Pete Rogers combines engineering skills and art to create kinetic water sculptures and much more. You shall be able to see some of his work around the Zygote Festival site.

Alison Walling is a designer/maker in Willow who champions willow grown in Lincolnshire. She uses this willow to create basketware and also teaches a number of groups throughout the county.

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Our Zygote promo video! Giving you a taste of what to expect from the festival. Get the date in your diaries, Sunday 20th October 7-9pm!

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Over the past week, Jason Wilsher- Mills held an Ipad workshop as part of the Zygote Festival. Children from St Andrews Leasingham Primary School, created images relating to the theme of seeds and growth. The images shall be displayed as part of the Zygote Festival, around the festival site.

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Throughout the past couple of weekends, we have also had our very exciting Fire Sculpture workshops. Taking place at the NCCD, artists and students alike have had the chance to try their hand at designing, and cutting out cans which shall be used in the Zygote Fire Garden.

Take a look at some of the impressive designs above!

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This week our Kinetic workshops have been in full swing. Working with students and artists from around the Sleaford area, Martin Smith from Laikingland, shared his knowledge about creating Kinetic sculptures. We have worked with Martin previously on forming ideas for Kinetic Sculptures to be used in Zygote. The workshops held this week have developed ideas from previous sessions.

Following the Zygote Festival’s theme of seeds, Martin helped students create leaf like sculptures. The intricate pieces shall feature around the Zygote Festival site.

To find out more about Martin and his work, click the ‘Featured Artists’ tag above.

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With the Zygote Festival less than a month away, things are coming together here at artsNK.

Currently, artists who are working alongside artsNK, are going into schools to prepare items which shall be used in the festival.

Already in September, we have had our seed packet design workshop. Pauline Dobson from Sleaford in Bloom worked alongside artsNK’s Marion Sander in all local primary schools, creating colourful seed packets which shall be used in the festival.

On the 12th September, Catherine Boot, Artistic Director of Can’t Sit Still, worked alongside Helen Fownes-Davies (set designer) at Carres Grammar School, to create a pod which shall be used in the aerial performance with Alexandra Hofgartner. They also worked with local primary teachers to create lanterns which shall feature in the festival. Pictures from the pod workshop can be seen in a previous post.

This week our Kinetic workshops began at Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy. Artists Nik Ramage and Martin Smith were working together with the secondary school, students and artists to create moving sculptures which shall be placed around the festival site.

We shall also be holding our Animation workshops from September going into October with Andy Penny and artsNK’s Marion Sander and Nick Jones.

Finally, the festival culminates with our open rehearsals where you can watch Alexandra Hofgartner’s aerial performance in action. If inspired, both Catherine and Alexandra shall be holding workshops for community groups at Northgate Sports Hall, where you can try your hand at aerial performance.

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On Thursday 12th September, we had our pod making workshop at Carre’s Grammar School. Working with students, Helen Fownes Davies and Catherine Boot helped to create pods which shall feature in the aerial performance at the Zygote Festival. 

Both Helen and Catherine worked alongside artsNK’s Marion and Sophie from the Visual Arts team, to aid the students in their creation of the pods. This involved a lot of hard work but as you can see, their efforts turned out great!

You can find out more about Helen and Catherine by clicking the ‘Featured Artists’ tab above.

There is only 1 month left until the Zygote Festival, with many chances to still be involved! Check our newest tab ‘Events’ for workshops that you can attend!

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